11 ways to create a social media presence without paying for advertising

Well, I must admit – I decided to write this article with much reluctance.

In today’s ‘pay-to-play’ space that is social media, there is some hesitation to ever recommend a channel without some monetary investment. However, there is still many ways you can create a presence and even succeed on social without paying for advertising. You will still need to pay however, and I’ll be upfront here, that payment will be with:

Your time.

Social media today is a land of algorithms that inhibit or promote your content. It is a place where the ones who are seen are the ones who break through with the controversial, relevant or valuable. The main thing here to become mindful of is that social media requires:

Consistency and Patience.

You do need to put in the time, and consistently do so, in order to be seen and heard amongst the noise on social media. And you need to really listen. Listen to what is being said, what people want to see more of and probably what is most important is, what their actions are on social platforms. Are they tending to show more engagement towards certain content? certain mediums and platforms? What pieces of material create the most conversation?


One of the things that needs to be the basis of your existence on social media, is knowing that the platform you are using would not exist without its users consistent engagement. Whether it is Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, Weibo, Wechat, Pinterest or any other social platform. Engagement is king.

Understand engagement comes in the form of being interested as well as interesting with your audience.


Here are some ways to build engagement around your brand on social media:

  1. Consistent content on your page or profile that is structured and aligned with a content calendar.
  2. Engage with other brands or influencers who have audiences, where you and your brand can be seen.
  3. Engage in groups that are specific to your brand, such as on Facebook Groups. You can only engage as an individual in these groups, however, try to connect back to your brand or business.
  4. Better still, create a Facebook Group – where your business is the administrator and create a group of people (community) that embraces the lifestyle and space of your business or brand. For example, if you are a candle maker, you could create a Facebook group called ‘Candle Designs of the World’ where people can converse in their favourite candles and share ideas on what can be done in this area.
  5. Contiually survey your audience and try to understand what they would like to see and what is valuable for them, content wise.
  6. Utitlise smart and interesting platforms such as Youtube, Instagram TV, Facebook/Instagram stories, Online polls, Facebook Live. etc.
  7. Interact with new users on Instagram directly, through direct message or via posts.
  8. Personalise your message for your users.
  9. Create shoutouts for your followers and fans.
  10. Use the right hashtags when it comes to your content on platforms such as Linkedin and Instagra.
  11. Create the correct search criteria around your brand so people can find you easily.

There we go, there is 11 quick sure fire ways to get discovered and create engagement on social media. No need to spend a cent.

You will need to put in the work and the effort, but over time – I promise this will pay off!

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