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Trusted by 100’s of businesses throughout Australia

It was like the phone turned on…

“It seemed counter-intuitive to add an expense for social media when I started. But I haven’t regretted coming on with Attention Experts for sure…They have given me that consistency. Since the day that they came on, it was like the phones turned on. In 6 months I have more business than I know what to do with. Last week alone I received 14 leads alone on Facebook. I look forward to working with them for many years to come!”

Rebecca Jarrett – OwnerTwo Red Shoes

Thanks Attention Experts!

“Thanks to Attention Experts we’re now surpassing 10,000 fans, are the No 1most reviewed Page in our space in Australia and poised to utilise Social Media to drivemore sales this summer. It’s been a great relationship!”

Sean Grant – DirectorCall-a-Cooler Australia

Highly recommend!

“Through working with Attention Experts, and the amount of engagement that they managed to get for me with regular, consistent, interesting posts, we managed to triple, actually slightly more than triple our database of our engaged users.”

Belinda Marsh – DirectorFancy That! Costumes

Daily Enquiries Coming Through!

“We’ve been with Attention Experts for 6 months and in that time we are finding that we are getting enquiries through our website we weren’t getting before…Our Facebook page is very interactive with enquiries coming through. The experience has been very positive for us!”

Sonia Murray – Marketing ManagerLoxley On Bellbird Hill

Absolutely Amazing Social Media Agency in Sydney!

“Attention Experts have been absolutely amazing at deploying the latest social media strategies for our business. They are very open and honest with us when they think we should alter things or deploy new strategies.”

Rob Bennett – OwnerNamed Gifts

Social Media Beautifully Explained!

“After having a meeting with Attention Experts, I have had social media beautifully explained to build a system to where we want our marketing to go.”

Ian TrewNoosa Forest Retreat

Trusted by 100’s of businesses throughout Australia

Sean Grant – DirectorCall-a-Cooler Australia

Rebecca Jarrett – OwnerTwo Red Shoes

Belinda Marsh – DirectorFancy That! Costumes

Social Media Marketing Campaigns that works! 

Effective social media campaigns must be built with a return on investment in mind. Whether your organisation is creating a global campaign or a locally targeted social media strategy.

The key to building return on investment through social media is not through just getting followers, likes, comments and shares. It is also about enhancing unique database build strategies and creating touch points.

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Social Media Agency based in Sydney
Get your consulting service from an official Facebook Partner and a recognised agency.

Consulting Services

Have your very own digital marketing consultant, keeping your business and team up to date on the very latest in social media strategy.

Being an official Facebook Partner and a recognised agency by other platforms means we live and breath the latest social media strategy.

Our consultants are used to advise for large projects from multi-nationals all the way through to small business consultations.

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Social Media Paid Advertising 

We can develop a strategy that will allow your business not only to grow on the world’s largest social media platform but also to flourish.

You will be able to track sales and inquiries through the correct implementation of Facebook Events.

In addition, we can create databases of targeted audiences that will cultivate audience touchpoints and then generate an increase in sales and inquiries for your business.

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Ready to launch social media for your business? Attention Experts will provide you with the best strategy to maximize your profit.
Our experts will help you to educate your team on digital marketing.

Deep Dive Social Media Audit & Strategy 

Our social media professionals will go through every crevice of your social media presence, including any abandoned social media accounts.

Our team will also help you identify networks you don’t yet have a social media presence with. This will help you build future ideas to include in your new strategy.

Understand where your social media is currently positioned, what needs improvement, and what exactly are the next steps.

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Email Marketing Optimisation

Coupling your email marketing strategy with social media marketing is even more powerful and creates stellar results for your business if crafted correctly and managed by the right people.

We can help you optimise your email marketing funnels targeting the same databases and similar users on social media, creating the ultimate power of touchpoint marketing.

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