Keeping at the 'pointy-end' of social media marketing.

Attention Experts, since mid-2016 has been delivering results in digital marketing. A central focus has been on social media marketing, as this is where the greatest return for business is being experienced online. Founder George started and contributed to two international multi-million dollar businesses prior, both grown through social media. Not before long, George due to his experience was being asked by organisations to help. Companies and organisations such as not-for-profits, government departments and e-commerce businesses were beginning to ask for ways to create a profitable and engaging campaign via social media as well as other forms of digital marketing.
Due to the amount of organisations being helped by George, it was time he started an agency. This is when Attention Experts was born.
Founded on experience, entreprenuerialism and an interest in marketing, Attention Experts has grown considerably quick. Today, managing clients from 15 different industries, from small businesses to multi-nationals, Attention Experts has credited its success to its focus on a return on investment for clients.
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Some of the clients/partners we have helped ...


What some clients have said about us ...

“The team at Attention Experts have done a great job for us in generating a significant number of new likes to our Facebook page, as well as driving engagemen and enquiries. They were always willing to help with new strategic ideas and George and his team are a great bunch of people to work with.”

Aaron Day
The 3rd Gear Business Consulting

3rd gear

“George and Attention Experts have played such a vital role in Diabetes Alive’s social media and in our overall business. Diabetes Alive is a not-for-profit organisation. We started a little over six years ago, with lots of great ideas and a love for what we do. I just didn’t know how to execute and penetrate the market with my love and passion the right way, and into this fast-paced crazy social media world that we live in… until, I was fortunate enough to have met George from Attention Experts. George has been AMAZING, everything I know and have been taught, I have executed to the dot, and it has manifested as George said it would. When I first entered the social media world back in August 2015, and was trying to do things on my own, organically with no direction, our social media following was 4,408 followers with little-to no response from our followers. George started to explain how you must work from the bottom up, build that rapport, using the techniques that he teaches, and I continue to apply them daily – because they work. Our social media has grown to 59,600. I have kept weekly tallies since August 2015, across all my social media platforms, to ensure they all continue to receive equal touch points, which is what George and Attention Experts teach.

Recently, after following George’s Facebook social media services, Diabetes Alive was contacted by one of the leading pharmaceutical companies to promote health information about one vital product that diabetics can’t live without: BD needles. When I asked the organisation why they contacted Diabetes Alive, the feedback I received was: ‘Diabetes Alive has the most social media interaction with diabetics. It is one of the highest ranked websites and Instagram accounts, with the most comments for people with diabetes, and the most replies to its followers’. This gave me great satisfaction to hear, however, the first person I wanted to call was George at Attention Experts, and I did, because I wanted to thank him first for believing in me for so many years, and secondly for taking the time to create such amazing tutorials to help so many people reach their dreams and goals with his social media and digital marketing services.”

Fifi Hazzouri
Diabetes Alive


Diabetes Alive

“Attention Experts have taken my business from strength to strength. I was able to book out most of my summer season due to the exceptional social media campaign that was conducted by Attention Experts. They truly know what they are doing and are the very best at what they do. I did try a number of agencies previously and Attention Experts had exceeded all of them by far. I highly recommend them for any business wishing to build brand, engagement and sales through social media.”

Aaron Brookes
Boost Wake

“Working with Attention Experts team to manage my social media brought only peace of mind for us. Very professional team that knows the ins and outs very well and can be trusted easily to act on your behalf with shortest amount of time spent to set you up. George specially was the most helpful team member as I interacted with him more often. We saw great success with the campaign so far with bookings up 35% due to social media.”

Babak Abbaszadeh
The Persian Place Newcastle

“We are absolutely grateful for the service that we received from, Joel as our main go-to guy, and the Attention Experts team.
We really appreciated the level of understanding and attention that the team provided to our business, even though we’re only a small, partnership, business, we feel we are always provided with the highest level of service.
Thank you again for helping us out and providing our business with a new level of exposure within the social media space”

Kurt Anniss & Nathan Barton, Directors
Anniss Barton

“Hi George and Team,
We would like to thank you for all your support in helping us with our social media and digital marketing.
Before we met you we had little idea, on how we could improve our following base, and use that to gain genuine leads to new customers.
We feel that we get great gains, from the small investment each month, and will continue using Attention experts as results are delivered.
Their service too has been prompt, responses to any questions are answered almost immediately.
Thank you again team.”

Mauro Cantelmi
Dezine By Mauro