Case study – Platinum professional training

Build social media presence and increase revenue

The customer database has grown by over 25,000 and has generated a high volume of an interested public. Traffic to the website grows by over 1500 link clicks.



Company Overview

Platinum Professional Training is the largest and most influential private accounting training institution for accounting graduates and migrants in Australia. Before partnering with Attention experts, 90% of leads came from traditional marketing.

The company joined Attention Experts in Sep 2020, looking to build an online presence and increase revenue.

Industry: Professional Services

Strategy: Targeted social media campaigns & content

We integrated targeted social media advertising campaigns based on the behaviours of potential customers who would be highly interested in their services. As well as organic content strategies.

We increased brand value and customer databases. Then, we developed qualified traffic that led to the point of conversion.

Results & Outcomes

Outcome 1

Database Increase & Website Traffic

The customer database has grown over 25,000 and has generated a high volume of an interested public. In total, we drive traffic to the website with over 1500 link clicks.

Outcome 2

Leads funnelled through to conversion point on website

Ads campaigns generated over 100 leads with a 50% booking rate that led to a conversion point in the form of enrollment.

Outcome 3

Increase revenue and built online presence

The client has achieved a total ROI of $13,800 from total advertising spend of $2,500.

Customer Testimonial

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“Working with Attention Expert has been an absolutely wonderful experience. The fortnightly alignment calls are absolutely gold! I’ve learnt a lot through the journey of working with you. I would recommend AE to everyone who needs social media attention :)”

Coco Hou, Platinum Professional Training – Founder

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Frequently asked questions

How much should I be spending on social media ads?

The amount to spend on ads depends on the goal and the time of the campaign.At Attention Experts, we advise an amount that would be most suitable for results on your campaign, generally, the very minimum we would look at is around $450-$600 per month.

How can Increase my likes, comments and followers?

These metrics are considered overt engagement, and we don’t really focus on increasing these metrics directly.Instead, we prefer to focus on the metrics and actions that will impact your business’ growth. Such as video watch rates and link clicks to a lead generation page or purchasing page.

How long before my business sees results?

The answer varies, depending on the campaign and the business, every business is different. At Attention Experts, we have demonstrated results to our clients within six to nine months on average.


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