Case study –  Channel 7 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Attention Experts achieved 94 million impressions across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for 16 sponsors on a budget under three weeks.


About the campaign

Across the 16 days of coverage for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Attention Experts supported Channel 7 with the implementation of paid advertising campaigns for each of Channel 7’s 16 sponsors across Facebook and Twitter. 

Attention Experts was responsible for ensuring all 16 partners were broadcast as sponsored ads before the main advertisement rolled.

Internal Resource Needed

Attention Experts needed 6 team members on a rotational roster, monitoring and reporting on the campaign for the entirety of the Olympics. This involved 14-hour days 7 days a week.

During the campaign, there was a team leader, strategist, accounts manager and administration points.

Strategy: Deliver and manage a 16 day campaign hitting targets on time & under budget

The 16-day campaign leveraged Attention Experts’ social media skills to execute and monitor a high number of sponsored ads delivered across Facebook and Twitter. 

For the campaign’s duration and over a daily 14-hour period, the team was able to report twice a day to Channel 7 on the ad performance and execute changes ad-hoc.

Reporting twice daily on campaign performance, ensuring we were hitting targets, and doing modifications if necessary. The client knew in real-time what was working and what wasn’t. 

Results & Outcomes

Outcome 1

Impressive results across all campaigns

Facebook = Total impressions achieved over target = 37%

Target = 18,078,167 – Achieved = 24,791,627

Instagram = Total impressions achieved over target = 26%

Target = 7,962,858 – Achieved = 10,052,391

Outcome 2

Pre-roll views campaign across all campaigns

Twitter (Pre-Roll Views) – Total Pre-Roll Views achieved over target = 41% 

Target = 8,131,857 – Achieved = 24,734,021 

Total Engagement on Twitter = 544,608

Outcome 3

Post campaign analysis (PCA)

At the end of the campaign, the Attention Experts team delivered a Post Campaign Analysis (PCA) report of the overall campaign and sponsor campaigns. This report included:

  • Budget & metrics analysis 
  • Best performing content & sentimental analysis 
  • Total impressions by demographics 
  • Attention Expert’s insights and suggestions


The overall campaign was successfully implemented, meeting and exceeding set KPIs by Channel 7 and their sponsors for the Olympics. The overall campaign’s fairly large resources and logistics were well managed and led to the over-performance by Attention Experts.

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