case study – women with altitude 

Memberships growth through targeted social media campaigns.

Targeted ads campaigns generated 249 purchases/memberships in eight months led to increased revenue, and optimise for future campaigns.

Social media campaign to grow database and subscriptions

Company overview

Women with Altitude is a community that serves to help and uplift fellow businesses with women through connection, support and training. To be a part of this community, women must purchase a membership.

The client has been working with Attention Experts since 2017. Its goal has been to grow its memberships and increase brand awareness.

Industry: Professional Services


Strategy: Targeted campaigns & database growth

We developed lead generation and conversion ads campaigns, targeting warm audiences, existing clients, and lookalike audiences with the end goal to promote the upgraded membership and attract new clients to sign up for the free membership option.

We built brand awareness through organic content and engagement ads to increase the customer database and achieve a higher conversion rate.

Results & Outcomes

Outcome 1

Return on advertising spend

Targeted ads campaigns generated 249 purchases/memberships in eight months led to increased revenue, and optimise for future campaigns.

Outcome 2

Remarketing campaigns that lead to a point of conversion

The customer database has grown over 47.600 people until Nov 2020, it has generated a high volume of interested public and continues growing over the last year.

Outcome 3

Increase revenue and built online presence

The performance on the KPIs showed promising results, allowing the client to build a solid online presence and stay connected with its audience during Covid-19 lockdowns.

Customer Testimonial

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“George and his team are disrupting, educating and making some great improvements in the social media space. I’m really thrilled to be working with them.”

Andrea Turner Boys – Women with Altitude, Founder

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Frequently asked questions

How long before my business sees results?

The answer varies, depending on the campaign and the business, every business is different. At Attention Experts, we have demonstrated results to our clients within six to nine months on average.

Are there any lock-in contracts?

No, at Attention Experts, we don’t lock our clients into contracts or commitments. We love building long-term relationships with our clients and don’t feel we need to tie clients into a contract to develop this, this should develop through a productive working relationship instead of a written commitment.

How much should I be spending on social media ads?

The amount to spend on ads depends on the goal and the time of the campaign.At Attention Experts, we advise an amount that would be most suitable for results on your campaign, generally, the very minimum we would look at is around $450-$600 per month.

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