How can you prepare for Facebook’s iOS 14.5 update?

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We are in the midst of the next big shift in the ads ecosystem! Apple’s new iOS policy will require permission from users to track their activity across third-party companies’ apps and websites. You’re probably thinking, how will this affect my business and influence the data reported on the progress of my Facebook ads?

To put it simply, the update will impact how Facebook receives and processes data from tools like the Facebook pixel. This means that if your business uses Facebook to optimise, target and report on web conversion events, you will be affected by the changes.

It’s not all bad news though! In response to these changes, Facebook will now be using Aggravated Event Measurement to process pixel conversion events. This new protocol has been designed to solve key advertiser use cases that are not addressed by Apple’s proposal, with limitations.

Here are some steps that you can take to prepare your business and manage these changes:

Complete your domain verification. All business should verify their domain as best practice.

Plan to operate with eight conversion events per domain as part of the Aggravated Event Measurement protocol that Facebook will be implementing.

Select a single domain for conversion tracking.

It’s important to note that not taking these actions could result in disruptions to your Facebook and Instagram advertising, including:

Inability to create mobile app install ad campaigns targeting users on iOS 14.5 and above.

Limited access to certain optimisation choices and the pause of certain ad sets.

Ad performance impact as delivery to users on iOS 14.5 and above may decline for certain ad sets.

Facebook’s priority is to continue to provide stability to small businesses and advertisers. That is why they have provided some very useful tips on how to draw up a plan moving forward for your business and provided considerations to keep in mind in the future.

It may be quite a bit to wrap your mind around the changes and the impacts they will have on your business. That’s why the Attention Experts team is here! We can help your business grow by implementing the latest social media marketing strategies and best practices.

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