Originally published: The Australian Business Journal, July 15, 2022

15 Australian Social Media Agencies to Watch

Led by Growth Director & Founder, George Hawwa, Attention Experts is Australia’s most 5-star rated Social Media agency. They’re leading the field of social media marketing, strategy, and consulting. They have worked on campaigns for the Tokyo Olympics on behalf of Channel 7, Accor Hotels, Pan Pacific, REA, and more, so they know exactly how to help clients boost their overall growth and ROI using effective and powerful social media strategies.

Attention Experts work mostly with SMEs and they have become a trusted contact for thousands of businesses around the world. They’re known not only for their valuable social media and consultancy services but also for their informative workshops and talks.

Attention Experts’ knowledgeable and highly experienced team has positioned this social media agency as the best in Australia. They’ve received more awards and 5-star reviews than any other social media agency in the country, and that’s no small feat.

Every product and service Attention Experts provides is geared towards growth. This is what they guarantee to clients and they always achieve incredible outcomes. Their robust, effective, and strategic social media campaigns go above and beyond pretty photos, and they’re tailored to the needs and goals of each client. Businesses and organisations that are ready to reach new heights will benefit greatly from working with Attention Experts!

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