AMI award

We won the NSW state award for Best Small Budget Marketing Campaign!

20th Oct 2022 is another special day for Attention Experts. Australia’s most 5-star rated social media agency has won the Best Small Budget Marketing Campaign for our campaign with Huds and Toke at the annual Australian Marketing Institute Awards. AMI is the largest network of marketers across the country and the authoritative voice of marketing in Australia. We are incredibly honoured to be recognised by the marketing professionals in Australia.

This is not the first time we have won awards for our excellent work with clients, and it is definitely not the last time. As indicated by one of our core values, to aim higher each time, the Attention Experts team always strive for growth and outstanding performance. It is a win for the team, but most importantly, it is a win for our clients who have trusted us to take care of their businesses and spearhead the social media marketing revolution together.

As we are all wrapping up 2022 and expecting an even more successful 2023, Attention Experts will continue to support Australia’s SMEs and prominent brands which have been the backbones of this great country. To further educate the public and many business builders on the shifting landscape of social media marketing, we will continue to conduct workshops, webinars, consultations, lectures and many other forms of collaboration.

Hats off to our clients and the Australian Marketing Institute. Until next year.

George with AMI award trophy


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