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Attention Experts is a social media marketing agency with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We help businesses grow through strategic and valuable social media marketing campaigns.

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Level 14, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

We’ve been helping businesses in Melbourne grow their reach, generate leads and drive traffic for 6+ years

Social Media Services We Offer

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Say good-bye to sporadic social media marketing. Create a social media marketing strategy that aligns with your efforts, branding, content, promotion, and so much more. You can easily use these social media tools to increase sales and profits.

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Social Media Paid Advertising

You’ve covered your social media marketing basics. Now we can use social media advertising to attract your best clients directly. Depending on your customer persona, you can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Pinterest.

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Email Marketing Optimisation

You have worked hard to gather databases of clients and leads. Now speak to them so they will keep coming back for more! Automate and optimise your messages to achieve better conversions with less hassle. 

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The Ultimate End to End Digital Marketing

Do your marketing in one stop. Reach people at every step of their journey to become your best customers. From social media to email and Google, we got you covered so you can focus on providing excellent services. 

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Deep Dive Social Media Audit & Strategy Service

Mistakes are expensive. Skip them and get to the best practices that will grow your business. We help audit your social media activities and provide a guide to improve performance.

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Social Media Consulting Support

Keeping up with social media marketing is challenging. It is relieving to have a team of experts to update you and guide you whenever necessary. Tailor the help to your needs and focus on growing demand. 

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Social Media Whiteboard Strategy Session

We get it, you are a doer, and you want your marketing done in-house. This package is perfect for a business owner or marketing manager who wants to cultivate in-house social media marketing capabilities. 

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Social Media Setup ESSENTIALS

Wondering if incorrect setups are holding back your social media marketing performance? This package can give your social media marketing activities a sweep and clear any setup barriers to your social media success. 

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Social Media SUPPORT

Social media administration issues are common. This package is best for debugging your social media marketing operations and saving you from the endless back and forth with Facebook and Instagram. 

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Clients We’ve Worked With

We have been the proud official social media provider for hundred’s of businesses around the world.

Industries We Work With

As a leading social media agency, Attention Experts has worked with over 700 companies across over 20 industries. Our social media services have been highly recognised by both clients and industry associations. We haven’t found an industry we cannot work with. So please reach out and see how you can grow your organisation with our unique social media strategy and management services.

Our Awards

The team at Attention Experts has been recognised as one of Australia’s top social media marketing agencies. We’re a fast-growing social media agency and have won some outstanding awards for our hard work and expertise.

2022 NSW state Best Small Budget Marketing Campaign Award

We won the Best Small Budget Marketing Campaign for our campaign with Huds and Toke at the annual Australian Marketing Institute Awards!

Australia’s Advertising and Marketing Services Highly Recommended 

With a client satisfaction score of 95%, Attention Experts has been recognised by the Australian Achiever Awards as highly recommended for excellence in customer service.

15 Australian Social Media Agencies to Watch

We were listed as Australia’s most 5-star rated social media agency and as the 15 Australian social media agencies to watch out for in 2022.

Nominated 2021 top marketing company in Sydney

We’ve been nominated as one of Sydney’s top Facebook marketing agencies by major marketing platform SocialAppsHQ, who praised our team and our social media campaigns.

Winner ‘2020 NSW Best Social Media Marketing Campaign’

We won the 2020 NSW Best Social Media Marketing Campaign award category at the recent Australian Marketing Institute Awards. Australia’s most prestigious marketing awards event!

Featured on Yahoo Finance - Australia's Top Social Media Agency

Top Social Media Agency to Watch 2021

We were announced as the top social media agency to watch by Yahoo! Finance in 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Digital Marketing Services?

Digital marketing services are the services that use digital tools such as social media, websites, emails and digital advertising to connect with their customers and prospects. Unlike traditional marketing, such as TV and print, digital marketing is more precise in many ways. Digital marketing helps businesses tailor their messages, target specific clientele, measure marketing effectiveness and optimise marketing performance. 

What is a Social Media Agency?

A social media agency helps businesses achieve their marketing objectives by creating and implementing a social media strategy. A social media agency typically performs social media marketing activities such as developing marketing strategies, producing content and running ad campaigns. Attention Experts has helped over 700 businesses achieve social media goals by working closely with clients. 

Why should I consider Attention Experts as my social media marketing agency?

Attention Experts is DATA focused and performance-driven. We don’t produce content to make you look pretty online but dedicate our efforts to growing your brand value and assets. That means we use DATA as a guide to help you attract your target audience, develop leads, expand your marketing databases and retain your customers. 

Many social media agencies present clients with a lock-in contract. We don’t. We believe that satisfying performance and service will cement relationships, not contracts. Attention Experts align with your business and customise social media marketing services to suit your needs.

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