SERM - Search Engine Reputation Management

Best practices of reputation management for your needs
  • Analyze search reputation, identify the negative reviews on the web, will compensate them with positive mentions of your brand.
  • Protect your reputation in the search engines, develop an individual strategy to build the company’s look and governance to its users

  • Consider features of your industry and target audience (user behavior on the network, the procedure for making purchasing decisions), stimulate the natural receiving feedback from customers.
  • Manually check the reviews, as well as the tone and the list of sites for their location (sites with reviews, thematic resources, social networks, directories, forums, blogs).

  • We provide transparency at each stage of the work and the results achieved, individual accountability and continuous quality control.
  • We give legal guarantees of non-disclosure of confidential information, including the fact of collaboration.

Our Services

  • Monitoring of social networks
  • Monitoring of mass media
  • Monitoring of search engines
  • Monitoring of competitors and industry
  • Strategy development

  • Formation and development of the media channel
  • Preparing of content plan
  • Increasing audience involvement
  • Management groups and accounts
  • Creating blogs and websites
  • Analysis of the target audience and its psychology
  • Adjusting total SMM-strategy

  • Fixing negative when it appeared
  • Classification of negativity
  • Selecting the strategy to respond to the negative
  • Responding to negative with the involvement of opinion leaders
  • Preparing agents of influence on the forums

  • Working with the regional SERP
  • Working with tips
  • Work with contextual advertising
  • Optimization of websites
  • Buying articles
  • Creating websites and accounts to remove the top
  • Working with large sites (Wikipedia and others.)

Some Facts About us



600 satisfied clients

13 years of experience


We engaged Attention Experts 18 months ago. At the time we had no presence online in social media. Today we are close to surpassing 10,000 fans, are the No 1 most reviewed Page in our space in Australia and poised to utilise Social to drive more sales this summer. Its been a great relationship. Thanks Attention Experts!

- Sean Grant | Call a Cooler -

I have been working with Attention Experts for over 18 months now for both Timmins Funerals and Life Celebrations Funerals. They have not only helped build my brands to be the most engaged funerals homes in Sydney but George and the team have been great marketing and social media advisers through the entire process. Anyone think of Social Media marketing should definitely contact George and the team

- Chris Timmins | Timmins Funerals -

We really couldn't do without AE, the service they provide is fast, detailed and has shown results. They are also fantastic at working with us in getting content shared quickly at short notice to maintain relevance and seasonal accuracy to our business. We couldn't do what they do!

- Alex Johnson | Plantagenet Wines -

We have been using attention experts to manage our social for almost four months. The transformation has been outstanding. They quickly grasped our key messages and consistently produced quality on message content with minimal oversight. They are great to deal with. Love 💗 AE

- Vince Scully | Life Sherpa -

“George and Attention Experts have played such a vital role in Diabetes Alive’s social media and in our overall business. Diabetes Alive is a not-for-profit organisation. We started a little over six years ago, with lots of great ideas and a love for what we do. I just didn’t know how to execute and penetrate the market with my love and passion the right way, and into this fast-paced crazy social media world that we live in… until, I was fortunate enough to have met George from Attention Experts. George has been AMAZING, everything I know and have been taught, I have executed to the dot, and it has manifested as George said it would. When I first entered the social media world back in August 2015, and was trying to do things on my own, organically with no direction, our social media following was 4,408 followers with little-to no response from our followers. George started to explain how you must work from the bottom up, build that rapport, using the techniques that he teaches, and I continue to apply them daily – because they work. Our social media has grown to 59,600. I have kept weekly tallies since August 2015, across all my social media platforms, to ensure they all continue to receive equal touch points, which is what George and Attention Experts teach. Recently, after following George’s Facebook social media services, Diabetes Alive was contacted by one of the leading pharmaceutical companies to promote health information about one vital product that diabetics can’t live without: BD needles. When I asked the organisation why they contacted Diabetes Alive, the feedback I received was: ‘Diabetes Alive has the most social media interaction with diabetics. It is one of the highest ranked websites and Instagram accounts, with the most comments for people with diabetes, and the most replies to its followers’. This gave me great satisfaction to hear, however, the first person I wanted to call was George at Attention Experts, and I did, because I wanted to thank him first for believing in me for so many years, and secondly for taking the time to create such amazing tutorials to help so many people reach their dreams and goals with his social media and digital marketing services.”

- Fifi Hazzouri -

Our Prices

  • Start

  • 5 search phrases
  • 2 press releases at 10 mass media websites
  • 10 reviews at 5 forums
  • 10 reviews at target sites every month
  • 1 coprorate blog
  • Negative displacement
  • Reputation formation
  • $299
  • Order now!
  • Popular serviceStandart

  • 10 search phrases
  • 4 press releases at 20 mass media websites
  • 20 reviews at 10 forums
  • 20 reviews at target sites every month
  • 1 coprorate blog
  • Negative displacement
  • Reputation formation
  • Report on negative reviews (once)
  • $599
  • Order now!
  • Platinum

  • 20 search phrases
  • 6 press releases at 30 mass media websites
  • 50 reviews at 10 forums
  • 40 reviews at target sites every month
  • 1 coprorate blog
  • Negative displacement
  • Reputation formation
  • Report on negative reviews(every month)
  • $1699
  • Order now!

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