What does a day at a successful award-winning social media agency look like?

social media agency

Ever wondered what a typical running day looks like when working at a social media agency or, the work behind quality campaign implementation?

Walking hastily into the office at 8:15am with your coffee in hand, you sit down as a member of the production team and get ready for your day. You know the meetings begin at 8:30am with the kick off by management, production, accounts and partnerships teams. You collect your notes and rush into the boardroom, greeted by the team leader with a big smile and gesture to kick off the team’s day. You’ve been told numerous times before that this meeting is very important. This is where all the briefing happens to set the pace and tone of the day before heading back to our desks, and all team members align with each other’s work. You finish the morning meeting’s brief and are now ready to take on your mapped out day.

The production team, when aligned with each other on client campaigns and the main focuses for the day, will hit the first batches of production and do their first calls with clients on client side admin. You move with your team, and begin going into your folders and collateral to create your content and align with your campaign briefs. You see the Partnerships Managers moving in and out of the office for their Partnerships Meetings, as well as greeting people in-house for meetings, pleasantly ushering them to the meeting rooms.

At this point you can really start to feel the energy in the office with all teams really moving and underway. There is a lot of collaboration happening between teams, and if you were to pause and look around the room, you would see questions being thrown about and lots of discussion about campaigns, troubleshooting a scenario or just general chit cat. But you must keep your head down, because you want to get your work in for the first time of quality checks at 12pm.

You notice the Growth Director and the Establishment Officer come out of the meeting room after their morning meeting. You see the Growth Director walking around the office and spot checking, asking questions and having chats – while the Establishment Coordinator sets the music for the day and gets the energy going in the office.

You’ve just completed your first batch of content and you submit it for ‘Qualifications’ to get quality checked. You cross your fingers no work comes back to be re-done. Attention Experts Quality Control is meticulous in making sure there are no problems in the work produced.

The Attention Experts Success Bell goes off suddenly, you get up and applaud, wondering what the positive news is about. It is another 5-star review that has come through, and it is read out to the team, with a resounding applause by the whole team.

Now you decide to quickly duck out for lunch before doing your next batch of content for your afternoon campaign. When back from lunch you will see Partnerships Managers coming back from their day out at meetings, and notice Growth Director calling some impromptu meetings with staff, around some points that progressed throughout the day. The production team is back at it, and you now join them in producing your next batch.

You look at your clock and it is 4pm, time to submit for the final Qualifications round. You’re thinking to yourself, where did the time go??

After Qualifications, you decide to work with another member of your team in helping them get work out. It is now 6pm, and it feels like a time warp has made the day feel a lot shorter than what the time is saying.

You decide to call it a day, and head home, you pop your head in to a few members of the Attention Experts team and say ‘have a good night, see you tomorrow’, and notice although it’s just after 6pm, there are still a few people hanging back.

Walking to the train station, you feel accomplished and feel you’ve achieved a lot from today. You begin to feel you really are beginning to understand the values of Attention Experts, which is VOSH + F (Value, Ownership, Selfless, Higher plus Fun) and what they really mean. You know, tomorrow will be a completely different day with it’s own unique set of circumstances.

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