5 Facebook Marketing Predictions for 2017!

Have you wondered what 2017 might look like for Facebook marketing? If Facebook changes in late 2016 are an indicator to go by, 2017 will definitely be an interesting year for Facebook marketers.

To get a grip on what the near future may look like, we have predicted what we believe to be the top 10 predictions in 2017.

1. Paid ads to Facebook Groups

I believe Facebook will reduce the reach that Facebook groups get and introduce paid ads for groups. Quite regularly I interact with pages and quite often interact with groups. As we move away from pages toward groups, Facebook will reduce the reach. It’s a perfect opportunity for Facebook to grow an additional advertising revenue stream.

2. End-to-end sales for Facebook Messenger

Consumers now expect almost immediate communication from companies, and those who are willing to provide it will usually get the sale.

For example, I just enquired about a new mountain bike product. All of my communication (talking about design, arranging delivery. etc) was done through Facebook Messenger.

In 2017, Facebook will continue to develop and release products that facilitate the (almost) instant communication consumers are beginning to expect. The release of Facebook Messenger ads last November was just the beginning of the evolution.

Not only can these conversations be inexpensive to acquire, they also progress quickly because of the instantaneous nature of chat versus phone or email.

3. Facebook chat bots will centralise all Facebook service and messaging

Alongside the Facebook Messenger feature in advertising, we have now the ability to automate most communication with enquiring prospects and customers. These chat bots will become a central feature in Facebook advertising in future, and the successful businesses will start to utlise them.

4. Facebook audiences ad targeting deepens

Facebook advertising is continually becoming a lot more granular and sophisticated. With this sophistication we are seeing a lot more specific targeting and variations in audience build.
For example, the new page targeting feature. If we utilise this, we are able to begin re-marketing to all audience who have interacted with the brands Facebook pages.

5. Video analytics become the main focus of Facebook advertising

With Facebook video ads accounting for 60% of all Facebook advertising and increasing. We are finding Facebook lending a much higher relevance score to Facebook video advertising. This in turn is going to lead to Facebook video becoming even more prevalent and also deeper analytics surrounding video advertising. I believe that Facebook video analytics will become a main focus for Facebook advertising heading into 2017.