We are Australia’s best Social Media Agency

We offer a range of comprehensive marketing services for businesses of all sizes.

Social Media Marketing


Increase leads, sales and enquiries for your business with a social media marketing strategy that works.

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Social Media Advertising

We’ll manage your paid advertising campaigns across a range of social media, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

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End to End Digital Marketing Campaigns

On your behalf, we can incorporate and manage other digital channels such as SEO, Google Adwords, Google My Business alongside your social media strategy.

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Email Marketing Strategy

Coupling your email marketing with social media marketing is even more powerful and creates stellar results for your business if crafted correctly and managed by the right people.

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Deep Dive Social Media Audit & Strategy

Understand where your social media is currently positioned, what needs improvement, and what exactly are the next steps.

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Social Media Consulting Support

Ready to grow? An Attention Experts certified consultant will be assigned as your dedicated guide to help you implement a high-quality social media campaign.

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Social Media Setup


This service is for the business owner or marketing team who just needs things set up on their social media correctly or who may have doubts about how well their social media has been set up and optimised.

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Social Media Accounts


Avoid spending time resolving issues with Facebook or Instagram support. Attention Experts can alleviate the hassle and save you precious minutes.

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Social Media Whiteboard Strategy Sessions


Our whiteboard strategy sessions are tailored to meet your organisation’s specific learning goals. Learn how to get your social media marketing campaign to work for your business. 

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What our customers are saying

Jennifer R

I don’t have the time to even think about social media, much less implement it. Those I’ve worked with at Attention Experts have taken the stress out of it. My thanks to Meg, Lauren and the whole team.

Steve M

Attention Experts has been instrumental in me being able to expand by business with a product that is not commonly searched for (which kind of rules out Google). It has been great and helpful being able to successfully market my product and takes a lot of stress out of doing it all myself.

Adrian R

Attention Experts have been a pleasure to deal with. Easy to get in contact with, are happy to have meetings to discuss the direction of our campaigns and always looking at the overall picture to work out where to focus! Thanks a lot guys 🙂

Jill C

Right from the start they have been professional & respectful in their efforts to learn about me AND my business. The staff were excellent at explaining ‘how’ social media works and the goals for each of my campaigns. Their explanations have been really clear and I feel confident that I am in trustworthy, experienced hands. If you ‘re looking for assistance with your social media presence, I would unreservedly recommend this team – they are the real deal!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any lock-in contracts?

No, at Attention Experts, we don’t lock our clients into contracts or commitments. We love building long-term relationships with our clients and don’t feel we need to tie clients into a contract to develop this, this should develop through a productive working relationship instead of a written commitment. We offer a month to month retainer pricing model. This allows you to have a clear cost structure for your campaigns, without the anxiety of being locked into an agreement. To find out more about our services contact us today.

How long before my business sees results?

The answer varies, depending on the campaign and the business. At Attention Experts, we have demonstrated results to our clients within six to nine months on average. Our case studies can give you an idea of the results of campaign results and the estimated time to see a return on investment in your business. Every business is different. Our advice is to book a 30-minute strategy session to find out how Attention Experts can help your business.

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