Keeping at the ‘pointy-end’ of social media marketing.

Attention Experts is a social media marketing agency, a known leader in its industry. Specialising in quality campaigns, policy design and community management, the end product delivered is a client’s business growth through amazing social media strategy.

Attention Experts is at the forefront of the social media marketing industry, having achieved this through exceptional customer service, transparent delivery, best practice strategy design and quality campaign implementation.

Over the past twelve months, Attention Experts was most the 5-star rated social media agency on Facebook in Australia.


How Attention Experts Started

Founder, George Hawwa helped to start two successful online businesses through social media. Before long, George, due to his experience, was being approached by organisations to assist them too. Companies and organisations including not-for-profits, government departments and e-Commerce businesses were looking for ways to create a profitable, engaging campaign via social media, as well as other forms of digital marketing.

Due to the number of organisations being assisted by George, it was time he started an agency, and Attention Experts was born.

Founded on experience, entreprenuerialism and an interest in marketing, Attention Experts has grown considerably quickly. Managing clients from more than 15 different industries ranging from small businesses to multi-nationals, Attention Experts has credited its success to its focus on a return on investment for clients.

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Our Values

When Attention Experts was first started, we asked ourselves, what do we want to stand for? And, how do we want to work both internally and with our clients? So we came up with VOSH + F:

V alue. Always be adding value no matter what we do.

O wnership. Always take ownership of our work, and take full-responsibility.

S elfless. Be selfless to our team mates, our clients and stakeholders.

H igher. Make sure we reach higher. Hit a target, great! What’s above that?


F un. Ensure we have fun while doing the above!