How to lower Facebook CPM

Is your CPM for your social media advertising campaign killing your cost of advertising?

Is it hard to get any Call to Action average cost that’s low enough to justify your campaign?

No matter how hard you try, is it taking a lot of work to try to bring your CPM down?

Well, don’t beat yourself up. It is something that most social media marketers go through. However, there are a few ways to lower your overall CPM that are simple to follow. Sometimes it takes some time and testing, but it is possible, especially if your CPM is being stubborn.

Here are three ways to bring your CPM down.


If your creative hasn’t been changed yet or you haven’t changed the type of format your creative is placed in (video, single image, carousel. Etc) then it would be worth trying this first to see if it can lower your CPM. If your CTR% is low, this could also indicate you may need to lower your creativity also.

I’ve seen on many occasions changing from Video to Single Image, all of a sudden, this making a big difference to your CPM.


Re-visit your targeting and look at what audiences are in there. If they are audiences with a narrow reach, then you may need to broaden your audience. The advertising platforms of a lot of social media platforms namely Facebook, often are based on supply and demand. If you have a narrow audience, your audience may be too specific and will drive up the price of your advertising (hence why your CPM is high).


Your relevance score with your Facebook ads is what is going to determine if your CPM is going to be higher than average or lower. Facebook wants to deliver advertising that is relevant to its audiences and how it determines that is through the positive and negative feedback it receives. Negative feedback could be if someone marks your advertisement as spam or if people constantly scroll past your ads, indicating to Facebook your content is not very relevant to the audiences that are viewing it. Therefore changing copy, creative or audiences could do the trick, cause often these three things will need to align.

Positive feedback with the relevance score is determined often by if people stop on your content and do either of these things: click on it, like it, comment on it, watch the video for more than 3 seconds or click the link attached to it.

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