What does it take to be an influencer?

Want to be an influencer hey!?!

Well, if you have seen Instagram recently, there are plenty of others trying to do the same thing. I’m not trying to deter you from being one, I’m simply stating it’s going to take a bit of patience, persistence and hardwork to become an influencer on social media today. If that’s okay with you, then you should be okay!

Know Your Audience

It’s important for you to define your audience. As an influencer you have a product and brand – most likely this is YOU! So find out what it is that sets you apart and creates your personality. Then identify a key audience you believe would find this appealing, relevent, valuable and inspirational. Once you know, you can then begin promoting yourself through content to this main audience.

Be sure to remain yourself, hold your integrity and be genuine. People can see through any fake persona’s online easily these days.


One way to find your audience and have them find you, is to use popular hashtags that align with your brand. For example if you are into jewelery, you can put #earrings into your posts, to be found by anyone searching for earings.

Try putting down a number of keywords that would match your brand as an influencer, and see if they match popular hashtags. You can see that they are popular hashtags, by the number of searches a hashtag has had. This information is readily available on Instagram.


Creating content that is interesting and relevent to your audience as an influence is what really sets you apart. I guess the keyword here is, RELEVENT! Make sure that it actually makes sense to your audience and that it is something they relate to. If you can create content is both relatable and aesthetic, you will encourage engagement with your audience.

Something to note is, if you don’t know what your audience wants or what is relevent to them. It could be as simply as asking some people you think would be your target audience what they would like in content. From there you would be better able to brainstorm ideas around the type of material you can put to your audience.

The most successful influencers in the world, have a keen ear and really listen to their audiences. They find out what they want and they go about delivering just that.


Give shoutouts to the people who are following you, make sure they feel like they are involved in your community that you are building around you. If people communicate to you, don’t ignore them – communicate back. It’s these simple things that make all the difference to becoming an influencer on social media.

The quicker you communicate back to your audience, the better it is for your profile with most social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They score up profiles and pages that communicate quickly to their fans. It was found that if you communicate back within 60 minutes to your audience, that you receive up to 40% more engagement and reach on your posts.

Ensure you are always getting your followers and audience involved with you and your channel, page or profile. This way you will create lifelong fans!

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