What is the point of Social Media if you’re not achieving a return on time and money?

“I don’t see the point of it.”

“How do I get sales from it?”

“It seems to be more of a hassle than an asset.”

“We’ve tried Social Media before and it didn’t work out for us”

I hear this all the time from business owners. My normal response is this:

“I understand. But I know you have been doing Social Media for your business very wrong until now.”

And here’s a problem – most businesses hear of the ‘overnight successes.’ The 16-year-old who created an international Instagram success story. Or how about the mother of two who created millions from her lounge room through Facebook.

The fact is there are a few things businesses are doing wrong when it comes to their social media marketing. Here they are:

– They are not following a very basic marketing formula (which I will highlight later).

– They don’t know how to measure results. What’s the point of doing it for business, if you cannot measure it?

– They don’t know where to start when it comes to content.

– They don’t understand the basic features to improve an advertising campaign.

– They don’t understand that social media marketing is about patience and engagement.

– Most business owners don’t understand that social media is evolving. There is not one strategy that will remain static and work forever.

You can no longer recruit an 18 year old intern to create pretty pictures for you for your social media pages. Then expect the sales to come rolling in.

I’m about to teach you a very basic marketing formula. That if you apply to your social media marketing strategy all the time, it will work every time.

Basic Marketing Formula

Here it is…be prepared for how simple it is.

If you increase your brand value.

This will then lead to an increase in engagement.

If you increase engagement, this will then lead to an increase in sales, leads and inquiries.

By understanding the above formula, you understand marketing. Not only social media marketing. You understand all marketing.

It is that simple.

The company that does it very well as a case study is Coca-Cola. Their brand and merchandise is everywhere. They will give cafes free tables and chairs with their branding all over it. And that next time your thirsty – guess which brand or product comes to mind?

If you have a good product and you apply this formula you cannot go wrong.

The down side is, it does take time and patience for this formula to completely show results. Today, we say to businesses you need to allow 6-9 months for your brand to begin showing results online. That is generally from a standing start!

I encourage you to get in-touch with us at Attention Experts (www.attentionexperts.com) and see how we can help you as a business. We work with companies across many different industry types, and have achieved much success in our campaigns. Give us a call on (02) 8069 9764 for some advise or to see how we can help your business grow its online presence!