How many people are involved in a social media ad campaign?

How many people are involved in a social media campaign?

Social media ad campaigns are generally wildly underestimated in terms of the resources needed to carry out a campaign successfully.

How many people or points of activity do you need to run a successful Social Media Ad campaign?

Answer: To successfully carry out a social media ad campaign for a client, there must be at least five points of activity. For an award-winning social media agency, like Attention Experts, we place five terminals or individuals on a social media ads campaign at any one time. 

You may be wondering who these individuals are and how we place them on each campaign? So let’s dive into it. 


1. Social Media Consultant – Strategist

Every campaign requires an excellent social media consultant. It means you need a strategist on board in order to succeed in your social media marketing campaign. 

The strategist looks at the big-picture. First, they identify the specific goals that the client would like to achieve on each platform. Then they will plan a strategy that ensures that the goals are aligned with the business. 

A good social media strategist understands how to drive revenue from the campaign. Their job is to look at the campaign from an external viewpoint and deliver the best trajectory for ROI.


 2. Client Success Manager – Hard Communication Point

Communication is KEY to ensuring that the campaign is running smoothly and hitting its objectives. 

When you work with Attention Experts, you will have a direct point of communication regarding anything about the campaign. Alignment calls and other meetings are conducted regularly, starting with the onboarding process.


3. Administration and Content Creation Point

The administration point guarantees that we are doing our work precisely. That the content is aligned and branded with the business. 

Our administration person also makes sure every piece of content has been approved by the client. So there is no disagreement with the content before it goes live.


4. Campaign Analyst

It is very important to have an analyst oversee the campaign’s data, metrics, and progress towards KPI targets so that the campaign meets the expectations of the strategist. 

At Attention Experts, we have a Campaign Analyst who monitors the performance of each campaign. They provide a detailed report on how we can optimise and improve advertising efforts.


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5. Quality Control

This person oversees the work from a quality perspective. He/she makes sure that everything is in place as it should be – spelling errors, incorrect branding, misalignment of visuals, that sort of thing!


In conclusion, to create a comprehensive and cohesive campaign, there are many stakeholders and multiple touchpoints in its production. Without a doubt, there are more individuals involved outside of the above five!


Key takeaways about how many people are involved in a social media ads campaign. 

The main thing to note with this is it does take a lot of resources to deliver a campaign. The level of help per individual involved depends on the campaign’s size and scope. 


They say it takes a village to raise a child, which is undoubtedly the case at Attention Experts!


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